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Celebrate Sweetest Day!
Celebrate Sweetest Day!

Celebrate Sweetest Day!

Saturday, October 15

Make Their Day as Sweet as Can Be!

Baskin-Robbins Scoop

Cookie Corner Bars

Sweetest Day is celebrated October 15. See individual businesses for special offers.
About Baskin-Robbins
There are many forms of enjoyment in life: there’s spontaneous pleasure, anticipated pleasure, there is long-term happiness and there are spur-of-the-moment joys. For people everywhere, ice cream has probably generated each of those types of pleasure.
Baskin-Robbins has long been dedicated to making the experiences of eating ice cream an enjoyable one. “America’s Favorite Neighborhood Ice Cream Shop” is a philosophy at Baskin-Robbins shared by everyone. Each employee, store owner and corporate team member is proud of our heritage, and they are dedicated to upholding the flavor, the fun, and the local, neighborhood feel that make the experience unique to Baskin-Robbins. There is nothing quite as thrilling as the face of a child enjoying his favorite ice cream flavor, or the delight of a mother surprised with an ice cream cake on Mother’s Day in a store you call “my Baskin-Robbins”.
From the ages of one to ninety-nine, people visit Baskin-Robbins anticipating the pleasure of enjoying their favorite ice creams served any way they want. Because of our dedication to being “America’s Favorite Neighborhood Ice Cream Shop”, Baskin-Robbins stores are visited by over 300 million happy customers year after year. A number that continues to grow as Baskin-Robbins spreads throughout the world.
About The Cookie Corner
The Cookie Corner was started in 1981 as a half-baked concoction in a downtown Honolulu Alley (Cunhas Alley, that is, in Pioneer Plaza).  Two guys were short on cash and figured it would be an easy way to make a little extra dough.
“Fat chance!” said their friendly banker.  “We can’t take the risk of getting burned.  How can you compete with the more famous cookie shops from the mainland like Mrs. F?” (Remember it’s not nice to use the “F” word!)
Well, the Cookie Corner crew still felt they had the right ingredients for success.  Bake every cookie with an extra morsel of Aloha; butter up each and every customer; don’t cry over spilt milk; always think sweet thoughts; savor the moment; and try not to get egg on your face.  Well, the recipe seemed to work and it wasn’t long before they made their first million…cookies that is!
Thirty years later, the Cookie Corner stores have stretched from Kapolei to Kahala, Kaneohe to Kaimuki.  “And we’ve made a lot of friends.  Some of our best friends are our biggest customers… or is it…some of our best customers are our biggest friends!”  Well whatever!  It hasn’t always been easy and the cookie crew has worked their molasses off.  As one employee said, “It’s fun!  The job is great because cookies make people happy.  But the icing on the cake is the tasty benefits.”
About Zippy’s
Welcome to Hawaii’s “Restaurant of Choice.” When people think of Hawaii and food, Zippy’s Restaurants comes to mind instantly! Check us out every week to get the latest information on what’s new at Zippy’s.
For those of you who don’t know much about us…
Along with our fast food counter and restaurants, there is also Napoleon’s Bakery, Osaka Okazuya, The Sushi Bar at Zippy’s Pearl City and Kahala Sushi at Zippy’s Kahala.
Our signature product is our Original Recipe Chili. We sell over 100 tons of it every month through our stores, fundraising activities, and in retail markets.
Our Story
Francis and Charles Higa founded Zippy’s Restaurants on October 17, 1966. With their perseverance and vision, what started out as one restaurant on King Street has grown to 24 locations on Oahu, Maui, Hawaii Island, and — coming soon — Las Vegas!
Zippy’s Restaurants has also grown to include other operations such as Napoleon’s Bakery, Osaka Okazuya, Kahala Sushi at Zippy’s Kahala, and the Sushi Bar at Zippy’s Pearl City.
If there is one thing you must try at Zippy’s Restaurants, it’s our Original Recipe Chili. Served since 1966, it’s our signature product! Over 100 tons of our chili is sold every month through our locations, through fund-raising activities, and in retail markets in Hawaii and beyond. Other favorites include our popular golden fried chicken, our famous Zip Pac®, oxtail soup, saimin, and much more. And since most of these items are available 24 hours at most of our locations, any time is a good time to enjoy Hawaii’s favorite foods!
In following the legacies of our founders, Zippy’s Restaurants is committed to being the best neighborhood restaurant in Hawaii, where your favorite local foods are prepared, served and appreciated so much that you leave with fond memories. We are committed to creating your favorite meals served with genuine care in a safe, healthful and friendly atmosphere that you can enjoy.