<p>STARSTRUCK & Hawaiian Star Compass by Kim Duffett</p>

* Town Center of Mililani

STARSTRUCK & Hawaiian Star Compass by Kim Duffett

Throughout the ages we have been enthralled by the mystery and magic of the stars. In ancient times, Hawaiian Kahuna came to this site to view the heavens because of its elevation and openness. Today, many of the streets in the town of Mililani are named after Hōkū, or stars in the night sky. It is an ageless fascination, but how do we come closer to their brightness? Hina, goddess of the Moon and so close to our planet Earth, shines in the night sky as our constant companion in the cosmos and our bridge to the universe above us. We imagined stepping on the Moon’s surface long before it became a reality. The crescent moon has been a symbol of new beginnings, and how we have imagined ourselves cradled in its slender arc, leaning back and dreaming of the infinite beyond! Crafted in bronze and stainless steel.

Hawaiian Star Compass

At the foot of Starstruck lies a mosaic of the Hawaiian Star Compass, the ancient navigator’s guide to the stars. It is a timely symbol of today’s resurgence of wayfinding star navigation. Created in Venetian glass tile, a process dating back to the Italian Renaissance, this mosaic show a compass superimposed on a view of our Milky Way galaxy as it is seen in the nighttime sky.  Crafted in Venetian glass tile

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