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Giant Paperclip Bookmarks!
Giant Paperclip Bookmarks!

Giant Paperclip Bookmarks!

Now available

Enjoy New Books, Bookmarks, & More Today!

  • You can’t read a good book without some great bookmarks!
  • Come check out our giant paperclip bookmarks, in 8 variations of our groovy logo.
  • A perfect fit and steady grip on any book, planner, journal, or notebook.
  • And while you’re here, enjoy one of our Literary Refreshers – sparkling lemonades in 6 flavors!
  • Strawberry – The Jane Austin: Sweet yet feisty, a true classic
  • Blackberry – The Shirley Jackson: Darkly delectable, perfect for pondering the macabre
  • Blue Raspberry – The Agatha Christie: Savor the mystery of its crisp sweetness
  • Raspberry – The Ursula K. Le Guin: Both sugary and tart, be transported to another world
  • Cherry – The Edith Wharton: Tart and refreshing beneath a cool veneer
  • Peach – The Harper Lee: Smooth, sweet, and refined, yet full of surprises
  • See you at the bookstore!
Bookmarks are now available. Shop in-store for the best selection. Our Literary Refreshers are non-alcoholic.
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