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Hearing Solutions
Hearing Solutions

Hearing Solutions

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Individualized Solutions to Loss of Hearing

  • Can’t hear well? Let us help!
  • At Pacific Hearing Care, we offer the latest high-tech hearing products in a variety of discreet shapes and sizes for you to choose from.
  • We work with every individual based on the results of their exam, and tailor their solutions to make sure the fit is perfect for their needs.
  • Schedule an appointment online now, or call us at 808.955.7366.
Hearing solutions vary. Visit Pacific Hearing Care for more information.
Pacific Hearing Care has been providing hearing aid solutions since 1994.
We bring cutting-edge technology, various products, and professional excellence to every client, and invest our full attention to understanding your needs to the fullest. We believe hearing is essential to ignite human emotion in order to spark a connection with family, friends, or loved ones. That’s why we strive to bring you the sound of life to enjoy all those connections.
Our Mission
Every hearing aid we provide starts with a dream – your dream. And the first thing we do to discover that dream is listen to you. We want to hear about your needs, goals, and expectations. Step-by-step, we select the best solution that’s most suitable to make it happen. We are critical with each and every step we take towards your goal in mind.