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Italian Food You’ll Love
Italian Food You’ll Love

Italian Food You’ll Love

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Our Food Choices are Unbeatable!

  • If you’re craving REAL Italian food, check out Assaggio!
  • From salads and soups to every kind of pasta dish you desire, we have it on our menu.
  • Love seafood? We’ve got that too!
  • See our entire menu here, then stop by for the best meal you’ve had in ages.
Food items on our menu may vary by season. See restaurant for details.
What you eat no one can take away from you. So, Assaggio makes sure that what you take away from us is only the best. Only the finest, freshest ingredients go into our richly flavored and award winning cuisine. Each delectable dish is prepared individually just before it is served, and not a moment sooner.
About Assaggio
The commitment to succeed was one of Thomas Ky’s top priorities when he immigrated to the United States at the age of 13. He turned his dreams into reality after years of hard work, sacrifice and goal to create a better life for his family.
In 1978 at age 13, Thomas arrived alone in the U.S. from Vietnam as part of the mass exodus from Saigon. He was placed in a foster home in New York City where he started working to send money home. He mowed lawns in the Summer and shoveled snow in Winter and when old enough washed dishes and bussed tables in restaurants. Whilst working in various New York restaurant establishments Thomas learnt the finer points of cooking and running a successful restaurant in the hope of one day owning his own.
Thomas moved to Hawaii in 1984 and worked day and night at local restaurants to save enough to start his own restaurant. In 1987 Thomas’ dream became a reality when he and partners opened Salerno’s, a popular Italian restaurant in McCully, with a steady flow of customers. With a taste of success Thomas sold his share in the business in 1989 and opened his own restaurant in Kailua. He called the restaurant Assaggio and today he has 5 award winning locations throughout Oahu.
Come dine with us!