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Try Our Tasty BBQ
Try Our Tasty BBQ

Try Our Tasty BBQ

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BBQ Specials Like No Place Else

  • Want great chicken, beef or spicy pork barbeque?
  • Head on over to Mililani BBQ and enjoy them all!
  • We also serve bibimbap, plus fried shrimp, squid, or pork.
  • And our noodle and specialty soups are awesomely tasty!
Mililani BBQ Menu may vary. See restaurant for details.
Mililani BBQ serves great BBQ with a Korean twist.
Here are a few reviews:
“Very packed plate. Everything was tasty and tender or crispy as intended. Kalbi plates and dinner specials. Everyone was happy!”
“Every time I’ve been there it’s been a fast and easy experience. The food they give is definitely worth the price. Their portion size is tremendous, especially the special plates that come with the sides.”
“We didn’t leave hungry. We were so full and satisfied. I thank Mililani BBQ for always including a diverse and plenty of appetizers. Staff was friendly and patient.”